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CARLSBRO EVO 15H – 15 watt head

Testata Valvolare per Chitarre Elettriche 15 Watt

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Product Description
The EVO15H amp head is the first of its range, hosting all the same functions of the EVO15 Combo, minus the speaker but with 4/8/16ohm cabinet connectivity for the touring/jamming/recording musician that needs flexibility or specific cabinets.
The hybrid valve/solid state circuitry gives all the stability, clean sounds and flexibility with the power output of valves. With a solid, rich clean channel complimented by an accompanying dirty overdrive channel, the sound is completed by a searing Lead function that takes the drive to the next level.
With a full EQ section and FX Loop Send/Return, this little 15 Watt amp has a large host of creative tone abilities at a great price point.

Product Features
15 Watt
Hybrid Valve/Solid State (1x12AX7 Preamp, 2 x 6V6G Power Output)
Solid, rich clean channel with complimenting overdrive channel and added lead tone option
FX Loop Send/Return
4/8/16ohm cabinet connectivity

Product Specification
Technology: Hybrid Valve/Solid State
Channels: Two (Clean and Overdrive) with Lead Toggle
Power: 15 Watts
Inputs: 6.3mm Guitar In, Footswitch
Outputs: 4/8/16ohm
Controls: Clean Gain, Overdrive Gain, Overdrive Volume
EQ: Bass/Middle/Treble
Effects: FX Loop Send/Return
Speaker: n/a
Impedance: n/a
Weight: 10.5kg (23.14lbs)
Dimensions [Width*Height*Depth]: 500mm*340mm*355mm


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